Eventum 1.6.0 がリリースされました。


Eventumは、サポート部門で届いたテクニカルサポート要求を追跡するために使われたり、ソフトウェア開発チームでタスクとバグを素早くまとめたりするために使われるユーザーフレンドリーで柔軟な問題追跡システムです。Eventumは、MySQL AB社の技術サポートチームで使用され、劇的にレスポンス時間を改善することを可能にしました。




我々は、Eventumの前バージョンにおけるいくつかのセキュリティ上の問題を我々に知らせてくれたことに対して、James Bercegayに感謝します。すべてのユーザにできるだけ早く、アップグレードをすることをお勧めします。


- Added feature to control order of custom fields (Bryan)
- Added feature to specify custom field backend (Bryan)
- Added feature to control which users can access specific custom fields (Bryan)
- Improved fulltext search feature to include custom fields (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with returning list of statuses in abstract workflow backend (Bryan)
- Added reporter to advanced search page (Bryan)
- Fixed the editing of news items on the administration interface (Joao)
- Fixed possible SQL injection vulnerability on the Authentication class (Bug #12254) (Joao)
- Fixed the installation procedure code to properly detect MySQL versions and enable the fulltext search feature (Joao)
- Fixed possible SQL injection vulnerabilities on the Release and Report classes (Bug #12254) (Joao)
- Fixed bug that caused custom field data to be deleted from all projects when removing a field from one project (Bryan)
- Added the CREATE, DROP and ALTER privileges when creating a new MySQL user for the Eventum database (Joao)
- Added feature to display which filters are active on the issue listing screen (Bryan)
- Replaced JSRS library with a new httpClient library (Bryan)
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the authorized repliers list from working correctly (Joao)
- Changed the project switch feature so that it respects the user preference to auto close the popup window or not (Joao)
- Added the ability to rank FAQ entries (Joao)
- Added the feature to search for past releases on the advanced search screen (Joao)
- Fixed bug that caused URLs in news item to be corrupted (Bryan)
- Added option to choose time category when adding a time tracking entry from a note (Bryan)
- Added feature to automatically set the subject of new notes (Bryan)
- Fixed the view note window to properly display a special message when a note has been deleted (Bryan)
- Added feature to display a sequenential note number in title window of view note page (Bryan)
- Added feature to customize the boilerplate text of reminder alert messages (Joao)
- Fixed the RSS feature of custom filters to behave properly under Microsoft IIS (Joao)